Friday, 15 February 2013

Telling Tales

A long time ago (only about 2 and half years actually, but it feels like forever) I made some glasses for a project for uni, they were pretty well received so I decided to turn them into jewellery and see if they would sell. As much as I originally liked them, and did sell a few I was never that of proud of them.

I already had a few idea's on how to improve them to something I could be proud of and when Shire Hall Gallery contacted me about being part of an exhibition I decided it was time to actually do it!

Introducing the 'Telescope Brooch' and the 'Monocle necklace'...

I'm not planning on making more of these for the time being as I want to concentrate on my installation work and getting my practice up and running so get them while you can! They are available from my Etsy or Folksy stores (as they are one offs there are different ones listed on the different sites).

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