Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hothouse 3

Back in Oct/Nov I received an email telling me I had been selected for the Craft Council's Hothouse scheme. I have attempted to explain what Hothouse is many times now and I'm really not very good at explaining it so I'm going to use the Crafts Council's explanation instead!

Hothouse is a sequential core programme over a six month period, and it’s led by expert trainers and experienced practicing makers. The programme comprises: group sessions on developing business skills, market knowledge and creativity; networking events which bring participants together as a national group; support from a peer buddy from a past cohort; 1:1 sessions with a specialist mentor from the sector.

So far I've participated in three sessions, all quite intense! My view of my business and where I want to push myself has pretty much completely changed already so who knows what I'll be doing by the end of it!

Anyway thats enough of me rambling, Here is a good overview of all this years Hothouser's and their work;

Hothouse 3

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