Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Escape to the Cotswolds

A few weeks ago The husband and me went for a little camping getaway to the cotswolds. We stayed in a fantastic campsite in Slimbridge. Having arrived in the brilliant sunshine we get out our tent and just that moment the heavens open and down comes the rain. Torrential rain. There was so much rain in fact that once we actually managed to get the tent up I had to bail out 23 mugfuls of rainwater that had nicely gathered INSIDE the tent. 

Anyway once we were all set up looking out over a field full of sheep, watching the geese fly overhead and hearing the squawks of the flamingos over at the wetlands we relaxed quite nicely! 

If you are ever down that way I recommend visiting the Wetlands, and if your a big child at heart like me then I definitely recommend in shelling out the £1 to buy some bird feed oh and spending a little more money on getting lost on the canoe safari. 

My husband had some great entertainment watching me wade through a steam determined to retrieve myself a beautiful flamingo feather. I got a few strange looks and scratched my arm up all in the name of collecting. 

The fruits of my madness. 

These feathers may come in handy for a new line of products I hope to make in the near future. I will reveal all soon i promise.