Saturday, 29 January 2011

Treasured Memories.

Just created this treasury featuring members of 'British Sellers on Etsy' if you like these items click here to see the treasury on Etsy, where you can also see more of these sellers work.

I have been listing some new pendants in my shop over the last week or so, to have a look click here.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Beautiful Illustration

As part of Twinklyspangle's awesome SOE lessons (If you have a blog, shop or website and don't have a clue what SEO is I can't recommend Twink's lessons highly enough!) I am taking part in her Link exchange. 

Well when I saw cuddlefishpress' work there I couldn't resist posting them on here for you all to see.

Nothing makes me happier than some amazing Illustration! 

Paper Boat Crew, Limited Edition Print, 11" by 14"

  Foxy Couple, Personalized Print for Weddings, 8" by 10"

 Sleepy Heap Wood, Limited Edition Print, 11" by 14"

Garden Party, Limited Edition Print, 11" by 14"

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gorgeous Etsy Finds...

Selling on Etsy has one HUGE downfall.

You have to spend all day looking at beautiful handmade items that make me want to spend any money I make! (well OK they don't force me to look, but how can a girl resist?)

This will be my next purchase when I've got the money!

I actually did just buy these (but as place mats) 

My good friend Mel just opened a shop selling her beautiful ceramic pendants

And finally I can't resist sharing this

I love this for so many different reasons! Gorgeous :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011


This last series of work was based on a series of memories (not my own I might add, I’m not old enough to remember a lot of these things) from memories of the Betterware man coming around with his tiny polish tins, the perfect size for a play shop, the hum of a grandmothers sewing machine to the shiny buttons on a grandfathers coat. From these memories I have created a small series of Jewellery using found or collected objects.
Below is one of my rings made from an old Betterware sample tin, pearls and beeswax. The beeswax will wear away and move as it is worn to reveal more of the pearls.

My next ring is made from another Betterware tin and thread. The ring shank is made with thread I then cut into the ring, referencing old thread winders, and wound the thread around it to secure the shank to the tin.

Then using ‘bachelor buttons’ (sprung removable buttons used for attaching braces to garments without buttons) I created a series of brooches. 

For this project we also had to design a business card, I wanted to design one that was a bit different so people would want to keep it! There is a more traditional card inside with an image of my work on either side :)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Journal Portraits By Bonnie Jones

Those who know my work well know I have an obsession with anything that has previously been owned by someone else, old photo's, old keys, generally anything that only really has a value to the person who originally owned it. 

These things just fascinate me and inspire much of my work. 
When I was having one of my (all too frequent) browses on Etsy a few days ago I stumbled across Bonnie Jones Photography

Her Journal Portraits series instantly appealed to me. Using a found journal (thrift stores are amazing!) she utilised some descriptions found within it, combined with her own imagination, to stage various photographs. 

I think some of the photo's, like "he took the butter" and "Oh I Wish..." have a Cindy Sherman feel about them (only Bonnie's are better!) If I can find the portraits i'm thinking of I'll post them soon.

Read Bonnie's full explanation of this series of work on here.

Be sure to check out her website! I have left out some of my favourite photo's so you can discover them for yourself! :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

UK Silly Sale!

I am taking part in this years UK Silly Sale on Etsy! 
From 7pm Friday 14th January until 21st January 2011

Here are some other Etsy shops involved in the Silly Sale 
(Items shown may not be included in the sale!)

Lucyloucreations - Sweetheart drinking straws circa 1950's british 'gay pastel colours'

AREjewellery - Old Gold Ribbon Brooch

SixSkeins - Flora Crochet Coaster Duo

Miss Elany - Fabric by Liberty of London

CariadClay - I Love You Hanging Ceramic Heart

FruteJuce - Lavender bag Russian Doll Matryoshka best French Lavender