Monday, 27 June 2011

Ed the Head, the Guardian of the Bed.

After finishing the second year of my degree and the 'Applied' Exhibition that I organised in Rochester, I finally had time to sort out the mess of my flat. 

Two day's, four completely full bin bags of rubbish, one and a half bin liners for charity shop and two massive boxes taken too my mum and dad's attic later and I finally have my flat back!! 

I also finally got around to putting up the photo wall in my bedroom  :D
(and found a home for Ed the Head in the process)

I actually got all those photo frames for our wedding 3 years ago!! I knew I wanted to use photo's I had taken on our honeymoon, to put in them but I somehow managed to take over 2000 photo's so choosing only nine of those was a long process. 

What do you think??


  1. It looks lovely- calm and peaceful (unlike my bedroom which has become a dumping ground for the whole family!)
    I really like your collection of frames. Can we see a close up of Ed the Head please?

  2. wow, beautiful bedroom. I like the creativity of the side table the most though lol! - very chic :) you've done a great job on the wall too!

  3. your blog is lovely :) just been having a browse thru.. very inspiring! x

  4. Thanks Miss Raj!
    Sorry for late response Dotty! There is a close up of ED here:

  5. This is lovely Laura :)

    dominika x