Monday, 23 January 2012

Home is where the hoard is...

After all the research into collecting that I had done for my dissertation I decided to take a different angle for my practical work, but still very much connected to it, so for my first ‘Minor’ project (I hate that it’s called that, it didn't feel ‘minor’ when I was doing all that work!!) I looked into hoarding...
I knew that I wanted to do a bit more drawing this year as I hadn’t done an awful lot of drawing for a while and so to jump start my idea’s I went around listening to peoples conversations and finding photographs. From hints within these conversations and pictures I drew up imaginary collections that these people could own (although I had no idea what I was going to do with them!). The items within these ‘collections’ are everyday objects and are more often associated with hoarding than collecting (other than the postcards...they just slipped in somehow!). Can an everyday commodity be part of a collection?
So for now here are a few of my drawings...
A series of old batteries

Sugar Packets

Postcards of architecture 

Slides time I'll show you what I ended up doing with them. 

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