Friday, 25 March 2011

23 Rings...The result.

The photo above shows a few of the Items swapped in my 23 Rings Installation (I will upload more next time), from a ring given from a girls first love, to a toy car passed down through a family, to a damaged rose joint from the kart of a young man’s last race.
Overall I had a great response and was overwhelmed by what people were willing to part with! There was a great mixture of people who came to swap from different ages and backgrounds, and this resulted in a great mix of objects that were swapped. Some of those who came to see the installation couldn’t bear to part with anything, and then there were others who came in, not knowing it was going on and gave up very sentimental items. 
I can’t wait to start making the next series of jewellery pieces, I will hopefully be combining both the memory and the object into (possibly) necklaces. I have some idea’s already of what I will do with some of them, but you will have to wait and see! 
I will be exhibiting the resulting series in an exhibition in Rochester from the 13th-19th June (more details to come soon!)

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