Thursday, 20 January 2011


This last series of work was based on a series of memories (not my own I might add, I’m not old enough to remember a lot of these things) from memories of the Betterware man coming around with his tiny polish tins, the perfect size for a play shop, the hum of a grandmothers sewing machine to the shiny buttons on a grandfathers coat. From these memories I have created a small series of Jewellery using found or collected objects.
Below is one of my rings made from an old Betterware sample tin, pearls and beeswax. The beeswax will wear away and move as it is worn to reveal more of the pearls.

My next ring is made from another Betterware tin and thread. The ring shank is made with thread I then cut into the ring, referencing old thread winders, and wound the thread around it to secure the shank to the tin.

Then using ‘bachelor buttons’ (sprung removable buttons used for attaching braces to garments without buttons) I created a series of brooches. 

For this project we also had to design a business card, I wanted to design one that was a bit different so people would want to keep it! There is a more traditional card inside with an image of my work on either side :)


  1. i love the string brooches~ :D

  2. Thanks :) they aren't as finished as I would like, but the idea is there.