Saturday, 16 October 2010

My First Post.

I have finally got my self organised enough to start writing on here. The problem now is where do I start?

I have always loved creating things, as I child I dreamt of being a author/illustrator designing beautiful colourful books. As I got older I realised I enjoyed making things too much and traded in the pens for a sewing machine and craft knife!
Last year I started a degree in Applied Arts and have loved every moment so far (although as witness to the shouts and tears I’m not sure my husband would agree).
So I thought I would start by posting a few few things I have made recently.
As part of a re-using project I designed and made this Spirograph ring using the original spirograph cogs and laser cut acrylic. 

My last project of the first year I made these glasses, using various found materials like vinyl records, an old tin, book covers, maps, pages and ply. 


Other than uni projects I have also been making things for my gorgeous new nephew :)
Including a blanket, bunting and some diddy shoes (made roughly from a pattern bought from NeedleCraftPatterns on Etsy).


  1. is hoping you will still make some pendants using the spectacle eyeglass pieces because I WANT TO BUY ONE PLEEEEEEEEEASE, the detail is so intricate, I especially like the one with the little boy on the swing.

  2. Good news nat! I have some all ready to go on my Esty shop! Still trying to sort out the right chains for them (or possibly I am just stalling because I'm scared of how my work will actually sell in the real world!)